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Thread: Boarding The Soul Train To Heaven: RIP Don Corneilus

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    Another passing of an icon. Self inflicted GSW indicates there were deeper issues.

    I was certainly aware of Soul Train, and it was a better alternitive than most other programing on when our little town got only three to four stations. Being of "White America" I already payed homage at the temple of multiple black musical artists, and I didn't need Soul Train to tell me again how much I needed to. Then or now.

    That said, Don Cornelious was an expert host and announcer. He was polished and seemed to drop out of the blue. I can't think of any announcer of color, to include the Gumbals, any sundry football coaches, or otherwise that were/are a bridge of culture like this guy.

    He's a loss to be mourned.

    And another mark of my mortality.

    Thanks Shifty!

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    I heard he wasn't in the best of health, so that probably played a big part in why he took his life.
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