We need a franchise QB I would love Peyton but how much does he have left in the tank... I would like Flynn but who knows how good he would be he could be gone after his first season... Then What Coach philbin gets thrown under the bus for passing on a top qb in
the draft... I'm tired of the same bs every year go and get RG3 or try get manning let rg3 learn the speed and game and 4 years down the road when manning is done let him play... That way we can have some success for years to come at the position... And continue to build... I hate watching teams get the right players and us phin play conservative like EVERY other year and get no where honestly... Y not give up some first rounders for rg3 look where we are now how many first rounders are still here on are team that the phins drafted go and make things happen ..... #PHINSFANFORLIFE