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So played the multiplayer demo last night with a friend. We were up until 6:30 in the morning. It was that addictive.

The good: you get alot of customization options for your character. Everything from appearance to skills to weapons. Its extremely challenging, but also rewarding. As well, the game randomly changes things up every few waves. For example: me and my friend burned down the first 2 waves, on the third wave they changed the objection to "uploading" data at a certain location, i got it but we were so torn up in the process the enemy had little problem finishing us off. The next round we played, we got to the 3rd wave, only for the objection to be hunting down a certain type of enemy. By changing it up it kept us guessing, it was hectic but extremely fun. Every round gave out medals and cash based on how you did that can be used for weapons, armor, extra ammo, medigel, etc. As well, your character levels up while you play, so you can spend points on new skills.

The bad: Not so much bad but pet peeves. For one, they possibly nerfed Sentinel. Either that or we were both bugged badly. We both died a few times with our tech armor still up. As well, it didnt really take damage as it never broke. In order to break it and get the "push back" effect you would physically have to press the button. Keep in mind, it was NOT like that in the regular game demo, so its possibly it was buggy because it was a demo, who knows. Anyways, the main problem i had was when i tried out a Turian. He couldnt dodge, lunge to the side, and avoid like the human characters could. Its possibly that more human-like characters can(Drell for instance), but for the Turian it was almost like playing the first game again. Needless to say, my dreams of leveling up a Salarian Sentinel took a beating last night.

Final verdict: the pro's of multiplayer far outweigh the con's. As i said, the "bad" was more of personal pet peeves then anything else. Ill be playing it addictively on at least a few of my Shepards, and Locke has indicated hes game(unless anything i wrote was a game breaker). If anyone wants to join us, im fairly certain god intended for a 4 man Miami Dolphins group to save the galaxy. I mean, who else is there to rely on, the Jets? Please.
Nope, I'm down for sure. I bet we can get 9954 involved too, he's another Mass Effect-head...