Manning's never going to be fully healthy again. I guess there's a chance that he could make a miraculous recovery and not only regain full strength in his chest and arms, but also be able to play a full season without suffering excruciating pain or severe fatigue. But it's not likely and I think this is a definite case of buyer beware. This sort of injury is not comparable to the Drew Brees injury. Peyton's going to be living with pain and limitations for the rest of his life, regardless of whether or not he ever plays another down in the NFL.
This is completely incorrect. 75% of NFL players who have had this surgery come back 100% healthy, most notably Brad Johnson. Peyton Mannings doctor said his neck is at no more risk than his brother Eli's neck. It is no longer a health issue anymore, it is now a performance issue. The c7 nerve that runs from the neck to the tricep is the last hurdle in Mannings recovery. As of right now he is throwing the football and throwing it pretty hard from what jeff saturday and reggie wayne say, but he keeps getting pain in his tricep and that is because the nerve has not regenerated yet. Now where your right is the fact that the nerve may never regenerate, it could happen tomorrow morning, next week, next month, or never happen at all, there is no tool, no x-ray, no doctor, no medicine to predict when the nerve will regenerate. Historically it takes about a year from the time of the surgery for the nerve to regenerate and that would put Manning at 100% health in May, and that is what Manning, his agent, and doctors are banking on. But to say it will be "miraculous" for him to recover is a stretch because people recover from this injury all the time. Once the nerve regenerates and thats if it does, then Manning will not be a risk. I will take a 100% Manning for 3 years in a heartbeat!