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also, i agree with junc here somewhat. eli manning is a very good qb, but hes not ''great'' yet like brady and peyton for example. those guys do it year in and year out, put up great numbers, lead their teams to 11 plus win seasons on a yearly occasion, division titles, etc.

eli manning has been a part of 2 great runs no doubt, but to be ''elite'' you need to be great in the regular season also. I was listening to a good argument yesterday by mike francesa in ny, and he brought up a good point.
Give me Eli Manning then. You and Junc can concern yourselves all day and night about having 14-2 regular seasons. Give me the guy who's the QB of a team that's won 2 Super Bowls in MY conscience lifetime as opposed to my actual favorite team that hasn't done a ****ing thing for me as a fan ever.