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You're telling me it isn't fair to compare Eli Manning to other QBs who have won Super Bowls? Brady, Peyton, and Rodgers have all won SBs and have been brought up in this thread. It makes sense to compare them to each other.
but those guys also all have mvps in the regular season, showing they have dominated the sport for a long duration of that year, and in mannings case 4 seasons.

their is more to be a great qb than postseason, because although that is the biggest stage and all, their are plenty of people in sports that show up during the big stage, but are not consistent in the regular season, or play on a below par level compared to their postseason play level.

i dont like comparing sport to sport, but lebron james no doubt is a top talent in the nba, but he has 0 championships, does that mean he is not a top player in the game?

derek jeter has 5 rings, does that mean he is a better player than ted williams was who has 0 rings and 1 postseason appearance i believe?

playoffs are a big part, dont get me wrong, but what seperates the top echelon players and the very good players is the ability to perform at a consistently high level in the playoffs and REGULAR SEASON.

The giants get hot at the right time, thats what happens, and good for them, at the end of the day as long as you win, no one should give it back. But lets be honest, if the giants have a regular season like they had this year, they prob wont make the playoffs next year ( 1st time in 36 years nfc east division winner won 9 or less games)

if playoffs were all that mattered, dan marino is one of the worst qbs of all time, see how absurd that sounds?