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Better believe it. Let a Tannehill do the things that Eli has done and we'd be willing to burn Dan Marino alive in front of his kids and then eat his carcass.

Eli is just one of those guys that for whatever reason, people just looked at him and wanted to hate him. Now that he's great, people can't stand to see it, hear about it or read about it. They'll do anything to discredit Eli.

This thread is pretty boss, though.
No joke, I was by a friends place yesterday with two other guys and I made a comment along the line of Eli being at worst the 4th best QB in the league. I got funny looks and laughs. I said other than Brady, Rodgers or Brees. I got names such as Vick, Stafford, RG3, P Manning and Big Ben. For real. I couldnt believe it since they are generally knowledgeable football people. I wouldnt even put Vick in my top 20. Just goes to show what fantasy football has done to our culture. It makes watching football games with most people completely unbearable and causes even the ones that are OK to watch with to go full ****** sometimes because they see Vick score 20 fantasy points and think hes good.