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No need. I can easily see from the last page alone a bunch of buttfumble **** sucking from you, while downplaying everything Eli has done. You're an idiot.

Eli makes a throw to an open WR. "Meh. I can do that rather easily. Not impressed. Not elite." buttfumble makes a throw to an open WR'. "Absolute stud. Obviously better than Eli. Franchise QB to the highest degree."

buttfumble misses open WR while Eli doesn't. "You have no idea about this sport. Sorry but buttfumble's open WR wasn't nearly as open as Eli's, so your point is moot. Blame the WR, not buttfumble for being wide open by only 5 yards instead of 10. The wind was getting pressure on buttfumble so caused him to miss his WR, totally not his fault, blame the OL. The wind also caused the ball to float, poor buttfumble, getting no help from the weather while Eli gets perfect weather to make his throws."

You're a ****ing clown.
Good job editing the "your an idiot" line. I think it's pretty idiotic to write that at all but at least you caught it(or someone more intelligent did)

Find me a single quote where I have ever called Mark buttfumble elite or ever debated he is elite or that he will ever become elite? You won't be able to, spend that time learning this game so you don't look as mornic as you always do when you try to debate me.

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Excuse me, I believe 'buffoon' is the word you're looking for.
soeaking of buffoons, welcome registeredguy!