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As a lifelong fan of the Miami Dolphins, it's hard enough being in the shadow of a team like New England all the time.

But it must suck something awful to be in the shadow of a team in your own city.

I can't imagine having to defend my own team in such a way just to stay interested in them.

If Mark Sanchez played as well as Eli does, he'd be the GOAT QB in Jets history probably. Yet you still hold out hope for Sanchez in New York.

I still defend Sanchez to a degree, but that dude is D-O-N-E in New York. He needs to get out while he still has some talent left. Real talk.

Meanwhile, in Miami, Ryan Tannehill looks like the second coming of Dan Marino.
jcane, eli has not looked elite in the past 3 and a half games.

no ones panicking in new york yet, but even there starting to acknowledge that. he has to have a bounce back game vs cincy and start being more consistent to even be considered elite.

big ben out played eli yesterday and i believe is still the better overall qb