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We did back in to a small degree. That's why I didn't get excited about it.

You may have heard me say a time or two that I just don't give a **** about getting to the playoffs. It's irrelevant. Wake me when we get to a Super Bowl. Until then, I'm not getting excited about playoff football.

I love how you say "the bottom of the AFC East" and don't mention the Jets. I think you may have planned it that way but I'm not sure.

The last decade the Jets are a top five AFC team?

Indianapolis Colts
Pittsburgh Steelers
Baltimore Ravens
New England Patriots

You really believe that you guys belong in that group? If you say yes, then you're verifying that the AFC has been bad for quite sometime now lol.

I disagree w/ you, I don't think teams back in. You either win the required # of games to make it in a given year or you don't.

The Jets are 5th in playoff apps and until yesterday were 4th in playoff wins in the last decade so yes we are a top 5 AFC team over the last decade.