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It's a proven fact they cheated. The only doubt is to what extent they cheated. Without that advantage. to prove they are credible they run the score up on the weeker, slower kids while Brady smirks away like they actually are legit. When the big boys show up, they really are nothing special.

Goodell and the league, took care of that uncomfortable information by keeping it hidden then destroying it. It must have been extensive and beyond just embarrassing Kraft, who I think they were protecting in this cover up, it would have led to the Patriots being stripped of their titles.

Imagine that, from the fraudulent rings to the nation wide media love fest and HOF talk for Brady/Belichik being a worthless sham. All the opponents would have wanted to be delclared the SB winners by default. That's just too much of a hit and the the league made sure that evidence never saw the light of day.

This never gets old no matter how Patsie fans deny their whole tainted SB legacy exists because the facts were swept under the rug.
The Patriots beat one team with a winning record all season.

Brady is hype and Belicheat isn't as great a head coach as the media thinks, but he's a damn good defensive coach.