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i think of all the dolphins problems, the least of it is brandon marshalls play. i believe he has been a welcomed assest to the organization and was well worth a 2nd round pick. he is a freakin beast.

i love how you think the jest were some how smarter than everyone on their santonio holmes aqusition. unlike the jest, the steelers are a class organization and not a 2nd tier one like the jest. there was a reason why the steelers didnt want him and they got rid of him for what they could. i think its smart the jest kept him around, but you have to not feel good about your best offensive player getting in fights with teammates when the season is on the line.
Marshall is great, he's another Jason Taylor type player who is great in meaningless games and disappears when you need him most. Pro Bowl MVP!

You don't think there was a reason why Denver got rid of Marshall? and they fleeced you for 2 2nd rd picks. Post Santonio trade we made a title game, post Marshall trade Miami has yet to compete for a postseason berth and Denver finally made the postseason again.