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LMAO@dogpaddling in a river in Egypt without a floatation device. 1998 Team was good, 2010, although sneaking in the backdoor was pretty good; beyond that the 08 Ravens would put 11 in the box and make any version of Penny look like dog**** 11 out of every 10 times.

The 09 team proved nothing: they were lucky to be 7-7 before 2 teams placed more value on keeping their starters healthy then needless additional wins. They were the recipient of more charity than Warren Buffett contributes to African developing countries. They faced the worst team in the playoffs in 10 years who were about 7 games beyond their peak and fading fast and then the biggest choking kicker and HC in the league. Proves absolutely nothing other than they shouldn't have been there in the first place. Even if they hadn't choked at home against Atlanta, they still were a crap team. That just clinched it. You can disagree all you want but that scheduling was so disgracefully egregious that the league immediately changed their policy as a result. It is what it is despite your attempts at feel good homeristic spin-worthy revisionist history.
2002 Chad was the 2nd best QB in the league that year, w/ Coles, Moss and Chrebet he would have had success against Baltimore.

The '09 team won TWO road playoff games en route to the title game. they proved they belong.

The worst teams in the playoffs in the last 10 years were Sea '10, Mia '08 and KC '10.

The Jets weren't the first team to benefit from a team resting starters, again should they have lost the game like we did in '93 or Buf in '04?

The bottom line is the Jets won 2 road playoff games, Miami only has 3 road playoff wins in their history and Miami hasn't won 2 playoff games in a single postseason since 1984.

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The point is they might have beat them had Henne played the whole game. They beat the Jets twice and NE which was better than Pitt that year.

7-9 is just as good as 10-6. And when that 7-9 team loses to that 10-6 team 41-7, you are still just as good as the 7-9 team. Makes perfect sense to me.

Are you saying Seattle was better than NO as well?

No, my #'s are correct. NE did not beat Den that year. They beat 4 .500 teams or better, just like they did in 08 without Brady.

No, I honestly don't think they would have won more than 11 games. They still would have split with the Dolphins and Jets. Indy had won the last 2 out of 3 with Brady at QB, Pitt was the Super Bowl Champs that year, and the Chargers always play them tough in SD.

The 08 Pats without Brady won 4 games against teams that were .500 or better and finished with an 11-5 record. The 09 PAts with Brady won 4 games against teams that were .500 or better and only won 10 games. Again, I will take the team in my division that wins less games regardless of who the QB is.

You know it just like you know the sideline rule is separate, it wasn't a catch, it wasn't a safety ect..... Your bias for the Jets and against other teams blind you from reality.

Being let into the playoffs and then beating a dead team walking and then an overrated SD team who missed 3 FGs in a 3 point loss is hardly proving anything.
They also lost to Houston, Buffalo and Ten who were worse than the Jets. Henne had his chance, he failed late in the year.

7-9 is not as good as 10-6, if Seattle didn't beat the defending Champs in the playoffs I wouldn't mention them but they did.

Again, NO killed Seattle in the reg season too- how did the return trip work out?

My mistake, regardless of that they beat Bal and NYJ- 2 teams that wona combined 3 postseason games and advanced to the title game and div rd. In 2008 NE beat one playoff bound team and that team was humiliated at home in the WC rd.

It's a lock NE wins more than 11 games, I am 100% sure they sweep us so that's one more win. There's no doubt they win probably 13-14 games. They lost to the Colts by a FG w/ Cassell, SD was 8-8, they owned Pitt w/ Brady until this season(they would crush Pitt in Pitt in 2010). There is no doubt NE wins more than 11 games w/ Brady.

'07 Pats w/ Brady against playoff bound teams: 6-0, avg. margin of victory? 19.7 PPG, NE 39 Opps 19

'08 Pats w/o Brady against playoff bound teams: 2-4, avg. margin of defeat? 17.8 PPG

The Jets earned their way in, taking care of business against a tougher sched than the '08 phins had to play, even w/ a qtr and a half of Indy backups then once in postseason they won TWO road games including defeating the hottest team in the league and one many expected to go to the SB.

We got a qtr and a half of Indy backups in a close game, Miami got 4 cupcake games to end the season.