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Thread: Robert Griffin III, Indianapolis Colts, and the New York Giants

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    No chance. None. Zero.

    Radio stations need stuff to talk about, and february is the dead spot of the year in terms of sports radio.

    Thanks Shifty!

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    I heard their seriously looking at Shaun Powell at #1, he's a under the radar guy that will be getting a ton of hype leading up to the draft.
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    Quote Originally Posted by electrolyte View Post
    Rumors are starting to swirl that the Colts are seriously considering taking RG3 at #1 overall. My friend in Indy has told me it's all over their radio stations.

    If indeed RG3 is taken by the Colts..... should the Dolphins pull a Giants 2004 draft day trade?


    • Chargers traded Manning—the No. 1 overall pick to the Giants. In exchange, San Diego received the following from New York: Philip Rivers, the Giants' third round pick in 2004 along with their first and fifth round selections in the 2005 draft.
    San Diego selected the following players with the additional draft picks they acquired in the deal:
    • 2004 third round pick: Kicker Nate Kaeding
    • 2005 first round pick: Outside linebacker Shawne Merriman
    • 2005 fifth round pick: Traded to Tampa Bay who traded pick to St. Louis Rams

    So the Giants gave up several picks and...THIS IS IMPORTANT.........the GIANTS REFUSED TO SETTLE FOR A DIFFERENT QB. The Giants could have easily just kept their picks and selected Philip Rivers. They refused and went after the top prospect! Two Super Bowl victories later, Eli Manning has 2 Super bowl MVP trophies and is headed to the hall of fame when his career is over.

    So, should the Dolphins just refuse to settle for these other QB's in this draft? Trade the farm and get Andrew Luck?

    I say yes.
    This is nothing but a smokescreen...
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