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I was talking in general. Romney isn't going to end gay marriage and abortion. Bush I agree was a bigger threat. But in the end it was mostly pandering. Bush and the GOP had total control of the government and nothing happened. Me personally I'm pro-choice and support gay marriage and adoption. But I can't stand how just about every political debate comes down to those 2 issues. A good portion of the voters will throw out every issue. While ignoring IMO far more important issues, and base their votes on just those 2 issues. Which gets us no where as a country and feeds the classic wedge issues that has been fueling the divison and partisanship in this country.
Is it true that the voters in these gay marriage states voted to prohibit "marriages" and the judicial system over turned the voters intent? People should be free to live as they wish, but these alternative lifestyles should not be promoted as diversity in schools IMHO.
I am fundamentally against abortion because it is human life being killed. I understand there are reasons that a woman would want one IE: rape, incest, health issue, economic issue, inconvenience, etc.
If the abortions are done early, before development, that would be better than popping and deflating the skulls of full term babies in the womb prior to delivery. Just monstrous.