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Ah here we go. I must not have ever played football or seen footballz or even gone to a game huh? Because I as a long time Dolphin fan would bristle at the thought of CP being mentioned in the same moniker with BG and DM huh? Now that is ignorance. A long time NYJ who started a total of 21 games should be held in such high regard to be named in the same abv. as DM and BG? What is ignorance is thinking 08 did anything for this franchise. And the noodle arm that help put the blinders on this FO and some in the fanbase.
He made us relevant again. Without him and 08, we would think going 6-10 isn't so bad. It isn't easy winning 9 games in a row to make the playoffs no matter who the competition is. Greenbay lost to KC this year ending their undefeated season, but Aaron Rodgers is still a great QB. Many teams and great QBs lose in the playoffs, you can't win them all. You can't blame Pennington for losing the playoff game when he got us there. Ricky Williams dropped the TD pass on the first drive of the game which changed the complexion of the game...what about all those fumbles...offensive line couldn't block...running game wasn't working...poor tackling by defenese...etc...Baltimore went to the AFC championship game that year. Chad went #2 MVP behind Manning that year--probably should have won MVP for what he had to work with and what he accomplished (1-15 to 11-5 AFC East title).And I didn't say you have not seen a football game. I said you havn't played football (I'm not talking about touch football). And I know you can't throw the ball 20 yards without it hanging and fluttering.