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Thread: NFL Network: Dolphins should stick with Matt Moore as QB

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRUDOLFAN54 View Post
    considering it could have been 0-16 and laughing stock of the nfl its a turnaround to me i never want to live thru another 1-15 season as long as i live that was the most fustrating season ive ever seen and considering the coaches he had coaching him i say he did one hell of a job.most of the time qb's can be a product of the system you can take a great qb and put him in a bad system with bad coaches and most of the time he will fail no matter how talented he is and you can take a ok qb and put him with great coaches and a great system and he can be a hall of famer and or superbowl champion...
    6-10 felt exactly the same to me as 1-15. He did a great job as a transitional starter and has proven to be an excellent commodity at backup, but that doesn't earn him the right to be a full time starter. And he's certainly not a HOF or even good enough to lead a team to a Super Bowl. Let's not get ridiculous because it's the best QB play we've seen since Fiedler (which isn't saying much).

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    I think the Phins should keep Moore as their starter. Moore flopped in '10. He was labeled the #1 qb going into that season, and he freaked out. I really do not believe he freaks out again. I think the guy can handle the pressure now.

    Matt Moore may surprise quite a few folks.
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