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Thread: Unofficial 2012 Dolphins Depth Chart - UPDATED 09/18/12 At 7:56PM ET

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    Player Unofficial 2012 Dolphins Depth Chart - UPDATED 09/18/12 At 7:56PM ET

    Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, attached to this thread, you can download a Depth Chart in PDF format for the 2012 Miami Dolphins. This is a way we can follow our team being built.

    As players are added/released/numbers changed, etc. this Depth Chart will be updated to reflect those changes. Of course this is NOT an official depth chart for the 2012 season. The only official depth chart will be released by head coach Joe Philbin during training camp. This is a nice way to follow our team and where we stand position wise during free agency and the draft, that just a plain roster list can not. (Current Depth Chart reflects a 3-4 defense)

    Since changes to the depth chart can change on a daily basis and from practice to practice, it is possible the depth chart could be updated more than once during the course of any given day. Since that is the case, in addition to giving the date that it was updated, I will also include the time in Eastern Standard Time that it was updated.

    Players in BLUE indicate unsigned Restricted Free Agents that the Dolphins have the right to place tenders on. Another team is welcome to try and sign these players, but may be required to give the Dolphins compensation in return. Also, if signed by another team, the Dolphins have the right to match the offer and retain the player.

    Players in GREEN indicate unsigned Exclusive-Rights Free Agents. These players will receive a qualifying offer from the Dolphins. If the offer is made, the player has two choices, A) Accept the offer and play for the Dolphins, or B) Refuse the offer and sit out the season. These players can not talk to any other NFL team. As long as the Dolphins make a qualifying offer, the team will hold their rights for the entire 2012 season.

    Players in RED indicate unsigned 2012 NFL Draft choices made by the Dolphins.

    Don't see one of your favorite players from last year on this list? Most likely it is because those players are unrestricted free agents and free to sign with any team in the league. However, the Dolphins could bring back any of these players by either A) Signing them to a new contract, or B) Giving the player the Franchise or Transition Tag.

    Please feel free to offer your input, discuss the roster and point out any mistakes or updates.

    Please enjoy!
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