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Thread: ***I just met....***

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    ***I just met....***

    Getting my Saturday morning burn on, I was trashing my Tri's when this dude with pretty much full-sleeves starting working out next to me.
    I asked how long it took to get that much Ink, and he suggested a long long time. Said everytime he goes back to Florida he gets more ink done. I asked him what he did for a living.....he said he played Pro Football

    Low and behold it was indeed Wallace Wright.

    I honestly didn't know the name, but he told me he played for Carolina and the Jest.... I shrugged and asked if he held it against me I am a Phins fan... He just chuckled and said "Its all business man".
    He is currently an FA and is obviously hoping to catch on with somebody, but mentioned that the CFL has been knocking if not.

    Guess he now lives in this tiny North Texas town I live in, and while I have seen him at the gym now 3 times, I actually know who he is now. Guess it wouldn't suck to see him in Aqua and Orange. Very very good dude. Very grounded.


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