Let's not split hairs here. 5-11, 6-10...that's pretty accurate. Much more accurate than anyone else—especially here. I said we'd lose to Cleveland this season and we did. WV and I actually had a pretty lengthy phone conversation in August about the start of the season. We both said that we would lose the first two without question. And we both agreed that if we lost to Cleveland, we were going to be REALLY bad. And we were for the most part. We closed strong but for the most part, we were awful to watch at times. I said the lockout would hurt a lot of teams like Miami and it definitely did. Those OTA's and training camps are crucial for teams like us trying to take the next step. Don't argue that.

That job analogy is dead on. Never did I expect players to intentionally go out there and lay down for their opponents even though I said that it would have been incredibly beneficial to us had we dropped games and landed the top pick. Had we landed the top pick, my views of next season would already be bright. Andrew Luck is a kid that can flip a franchise. Won't happen over night. It won't happen in one year. But Indianapolis will prosper from all of this. And that's a crazy thought when you consider they're about to transition from one Hall of Fame QB to a kid with more potential than anyone we've seen since John Elway. Contrary to popular belief, I am not an Andrew Luck fan. I am not a fan of individual players. I'm a fan of talent and talent that can help us get to where I can't even dream of getting anymore. Andrew Luck has that kind of talent.

You can find what I say as humorous if you wish. That's fine. But I'm clearly more right than wrong. And I known you're the "glass is overflowing" kinda guy and my glass, at the moment is about 1/4 full. We're on opposite ends of the spectrum in that regard. Your issue with me is not that I'm right often times, but rather what I'm right about when it comes to the Dolphins. And believe me, no one hates it more that JCane does. But I've never been a homer. I've always been honest about what this team is. And right now this team has a long way to go so long as we keep ignoring the QB spot and not lucking out like Indianapolis has this year.