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Thread: Trade down with the Eagle's Mock Draft

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    A little high for the dolphins need, but good player. I just don't see the new fins coaching staff going that direction.
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    There is only one big azz WR I am interested in and that is cus I believe with good coaching up he could be the next megatron. That player is Brian Quick. If he lasts until round 3, I would take him provided we have taken care of ROL and QB at that point.
    My offseason:
    Resign Clay and Odrick
    Cut Starks, Gibson, Fields, Finnegan early
    Cut Ellerbe and Wheeler June 1. Wallace stays so long as he sings coombaya with the team.

    1. Melvin Gordon RB
    2. Bernard Mckinney ILB
    3. Tyler Lockett WR
    4. John Miller G (and nothing but a G)
    5. Xavier Williams DT
    6. Anthony Chickillo DE
    7. Kevin White CB

    but it never turns out the way I see it. never. but maybe it should.
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