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i said ,having arm strength will better your accuracy and timing.

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no sh## sherlock. tell me who is going to be better throwing a 30 yard pass between 2 defenders on the sidelines , the guy w/ the noodle arm and accuracy or the guy w/ arm strength and accuracy?

Make up your g-damn mind Sherlock. You are painting two totally different scenarios.

Which is it, does Arm Strength= accuracy
or does
Arm Strength+Accuracy=a better passer.......Einstein!!!

EDIT: Wait, I just came accross this Nugget

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I can bet you that Chad Henne has a stronger arm than Matt Moore and Matt Flynn.
That said, I would rather have Moore or Flynn.
Decision making, pocket presence, and throwing the right type of ball in a given situation is more important for success than blowing up the receiver on a dump off with a canon shot.
Okay, so Arm Strength<Good QB????

I'm just trying to determine exactly what type of math you are doing, because all three of these posts, all by you in the same thread are all headed completely different directions.

I get it you don't care for Pat Devlin, but Arm Strength is not the argument you want to make against it...or maybe.....