Now, before I get cruxified, hear me out.



Yes, that T.O. Sign him. Why? Well, he's cheap, he's motivated, and he's a (still) very good WR. He's obviously in shape. I know...I know. Team Chemistry and all of that. But, if the Dolphins land a QB that they need to further develop, or even if they decide to (attempt to) develop Moore, what better way to do that than to give him not one, but two, giant threats as WR? Big, easy targets that don't just get open, they create openess. Yes, thye both drop the ball, but they both make incredible catches. Having them on the field makes any other possible receiver better too.

Now, I realize it's a risk. I realize teams didn't beat down TO's door last season, but why not? Why not sign him to an incentive laden contract? If he meets those incentives we ALL win. If he doesn't, no harm, no foul. He's gone and forgotten. I doubt he wouldn't take just about any offer right now. We've heard about his money problems. He needs it. And he'll know that if he plays hard he'll get it.