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Thread: Mike Wallace

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    If possible, do it. We definitely need some deep speed at WR.
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    There's a legit possibility given their cap situation as I said before. They could tender him for a 1st round pick....I know some team will gladly give it up, I doubt we will.
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    Quote Originally Posted by houtz View Post
    Why are guys laughing? If you want Blackmon at #8 or #9 why not trade that pick for Mike Wallace? He's one of the game's most explosive WR. Could only imagine what his presence would do for the rest of the offense.

    It won't happen but I'd be fine with it as long as we get our franchise QB in FA.
    I'd be fine with getting Wallace but not for a draft pick
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    Quote Originally Posted by Armglocks33 View Post
    According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Steelers are willing to let restricted free agent Mike Wallace test the open market.

    GM Kevin Colbert recently conceded to a local radio station that the franchise tag is highly unlikely due to salary cap issues. The Steelers will reportedly place a first-round restricted tender on Wallace and "see what develops." If he "signs a contract and they deem it too high," they will apparently take the first-round compensation instead of matching. Once unthinkable, it's now very possible the Steelers will let their 25-year-old No. 1 receiver walk instead of digging themselves into an even deeper salary-cap hole.
    i honestly would not mind spending our first rounder on wallace..we get a guaranteed wide receiver and like someone said, some people wouldn't mind us picking floyd or wright..this is a deep pass rusher and offensive line draft and plus there is free agency.
    I'd love for Wallace to join the Dolphins but not for the 8th or 9th pick in the draft. They'd have to get creative. Maybe swap firsts and Miami throws in a another pick or something along those lines but definitely not straight up for Miami's pick
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