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How can we forget when you continue to re-live the two luckiest years a team has had in the history of the NFL.
Obviously the only difference btw our teams was that we were lucky and Miami wasn't. How else can you explain it?

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The meatball negotiated personnel say-so, presumably especially over his specialty the OL after the Harbaugh fiasco. (Wow compare the Harbaugh father and sons to the Ryan goobers.. it's funny but it's not).

He's the one that signed Columbo, he's the one that kept Columbo's turnstyle spinning. If you don't think at any past point The Meatball had input and influence over any of the line free agency signings or draftings, then by the same token, I'd assume The Beancounter is the one to blame for making the Taco draft decision unilaterally too, eh?
So the OL that helped make Reggie Bush a 1,000 yd rusher and gave you a really good ground game 3 of his 4 years was a bad mark against Tony?

Influence and final say are 2 different things.