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To the contrary.. it was Moore who got deprived of a fair open competition with Henne in TC; had there been one we may have been competing for that backdoor entry to the playoffs in game 16 instead of being the jest spoiler.

And as far as wanting Orton goes, more than half of us agreed with the 90% or more of the polled Broncos fans who wanted no part of the guy they called "Three and Out Orton" with a 61 career 3rd down QBR. Hell, excavating Jeff Garcia would have been preferable to giving up any draft picks and taking a cap hit for Orton. As it were, there were suggestive threads about Moore at that time pointing out his concussion-influenced bad 2010 may have had an effect turning around his impressive 09, so he was no dark horse or surprise and relative the acquision and cap costs compared to Orton, he was a buy. Oh and Moore happened to win 6 out of his final 9 with 15TDs and 5Ints with the 12th best QBR and one of top long ball efficiency ratings in the league.

Now, as much as anyone, I was for giving Devlin a shot, but throwing Moore of all people under the bus in comparison to Henne, let alone Orton, is purple koolade, or haterade-worthy.
Moore got to at least be the 2nd QB without having to compete for that. He played most of the whole preseason minutes. Moore would have done no better than Henne. Moore woudn't have beat New England, Houston, and Sandiego in our first 3 games especially when our defense was playing sloppy. Henne passed for over 400 yards agains New England in game 1. I'm not hating on throwing Moore under the bus, he just isn't "NFL ready." He can't compete when the game is on the line nor compete under pressure. He won 3 out of his final 6 games (only beating the poor teams). Everyone says that if Devlin was any good he would have got his chance--but that is making the assumption that Sparano and Ireland know what they are doing...besides he was only a rookie. YOu could say that same thing for Flynn who took 4 years to get into a game. But I think Devlin can't be any worse than Moore right now.