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Thread: Rams willing to trade #2 pick well before draft

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgpence17 View Post
    They need to before FA to get the most value. Once QBs start signing with teams they start losing leverage
    I don't really agree with this

    Manning and Flynn are going somewhere. That's not going to change so leverage is not going to change just because two teams may have their QB

    If anything Griffin's value could increase when it becomes apparent how much Manning and especially Flynn are going to cost
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamaicankid21 View Post
    Exactly. I think teams are talking but not how the media is making it seem. They are just trying to get a story because nothing else is happening.
    Exactly. It's funny to watch actually. In the past decade we have really come into the "communication era" but it will all be over saturated soon.
    A strong sign we have not improved, is the same tired threads on the forum every year.
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