Gregg Williams Involvement in Bounty Scandal Could Spell Trouble for Bills

"And that was all before the Washington Post reported that Williams did essentially the same thing while he was the defensive coordinator at Washington. That news, combined with the chatter around the league that bounty systems were a common practice means that thereís a decent chance that something like that was going on when Gregg Williams was the head coach of the Bills."

"With that in mind, thereís a few ways Buffalo could get roped into this mess. The NFL is not effing around with this, as evidenced by the time and money spent on a 3 year investigation yielding a 18,000 document report. Note: not word, document. Thatís an absurd level of depth that shows that the NFL is not going to let anyone off the hook because they forgot what time Kinkos closes. "

"And if it does turn out that Williams installed a similar system in Buffalo, it will be the 3rd such story and presumably with much less evidence available considering Williams was last coaching in Buffalo over a decade ago."