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I'm not an expert, but I watch a **** ton of college football, and in my humble opinion Weeden is a better prospect and is more ready to start than Tannehill. Again, I want Peyton first and foremost but if we can trade back for Weeden and pick up some playmakers in both the draft and FA, then I wouldn't hate that either.
Weeden is 28, he's not 34. If he comes into the league and becomes a good QB relatively quickly (like I think he can) then nobody is going to be upset about our pro bowl 31 or 32 yr old quarterback. He has a chance at an 8 year good career if he works properly and plays in the right system.
He will be 29 by october and Im not against weeden Im against wasting a high pick on him. If he played 8 years that would have him playing until 37 which is pretty rare in itself as a qb esp being effective. i would take tanneyhill anyday of the week in the second round or even first rather than take a player of weeden's age that early the odds and risk are just more on the side being 5 years younger. Robert Griffin would be quite the best option being only 22 and a better qb than either of these guys