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Thread: On To The Next One: Jimmy Wilson

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    On To The Next One: Jimmy Wilson

    I think it is important to begin this post with an explanation as to why I have not spent time on this site posting, discussing, and/or analyzing the "List" floating around the internet, which contains a number of players who have recently fired Drew Rosenhaus. The "List" appears to be nothing more than a smear campaign generated by agents and journalists attempting to publicize terminations that are mostly old news. In fact, this website's "On To The Next One" column has covered many of the aforesaid filings. If and when players like Willis McGahee and Bryant McKinnie sign with new agents, I will write about it on Sports Agent Blog. Until then, I will respectfully distance myself from the pending industry saber battle in an effort to remain unbiased in my coverage. With that explanation out of the way, I have confirmed that Drew Rosenhaus signed Miami Dolphins cornerback Jimmy Wilson.
    Read more: http://www.sportsagentblog.com/2012/...#ixzz1oF8vOkQz
    "It happens all the time," Taylor said. "It's not an exact science and personnel guys aren't the end-all, be-all. " Jason Taylor,2011
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    He's prepping for a breakout year and has aspirations of signing a nice contract, is one positive thing you could take from this.
    Jimmy stepped up early to fill a major hole on this team. He made his share of rookie mistakes but overall was impressive. Definitely a keeper. I'd love to see him possibly fill the FS role.
    We move Marshall for all the right reasons, miss out on ole' manning.. then when they dont overpay a backup qb : it's the last straw and jokers are protesting outside the stadium ! All brainwashed by the media. There's no pressure from within the walls of the office, it's all from the uneducated fanbase, and that's why a movement was made to inform the fans of what's going on, because all they had to go off of was the media.
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