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Thread: IF we land Manning...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny View Post
    if we land Manning we wont have much money left for any free agents

    Ozzy rules!!
    imo we dont need much money for FAs the only spot i see is RT that is if we dont get jeff saturday over with manning then we can move pouncey over at RT and be set at OL for 3-4 years and really cb or maybe a OLB and we would be ready to kick the snot out of the AFC east and the rest of the NFL.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny View Post
    if we land Manning we wont have much money left for any free agents

    Ozzy rules!!
    i wouldnt be so sure about that.

    although you deff can be right and peyton manning can cost us the bank, which would still be worth it, im thinking a bit different.

    i think at this point of his career, being 37 knowing hes got 2-3 years tops most likely left, i think the most important thing to him is winning, getting that 2nd ring, and maybe more.

    obviously we will have to pay him, but considering the man has made a boat load of money already from his playing career, than add in all his commercials he does which have paid him millions more over his career, he will have plenty of money to sit back on. also, he peyton manning, he will still be making money post football career, be it in broadcasting, commercials still, coaching, whatever, the guy is not some thug guy who will blow through a few hundred million on 30 cars and houses in 2 years like some athletes do.

    i think he will want the best team around him to win, and if that means making a tad less money in a contract, and earning that money on incentives, i think he would honestly do it.

    in the end, i think manning is going to the best situation, not the most money only. now obviously the team with the best situation can also give him the most money, but if some crap team offers him the house, and then a winning team gives him a nice contract, i feel he would take the latter.
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