I'll say thanks AJ, and that this rule is probaly overdue. Some of the stuff that gets put up on these boards is just going over the top. To you all that disagree, just because you may like to spend your time gazing a porn (no, I'm not saying most of the stuff here is porn, just making a point) doesn't mean the rest of us do as well.

Since Navy keeps bringing up Europe (and I lived there for two years so I KNOW Europe well) he should also know that, in Europe, there is almost no gore or violence shown in regular television programming (i.e. CSI would not be allowed on their channels over there.) Would you guys like it if I put a picture of some rotting body in my signature? I don't thinks so, it would be disrespectful and out of line. The same goes for half (or entirely in some cases) naked women posted here since we have female posters and they should feel just as welcome as the male ones period.