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Thread: The Jets' grand illusion

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    The Jets' grand illusion

    The New York Jets' decision to extend the contract of Mark Sanchez was met with derision by many, but like the plot of a Spanish soap opera, it takes time to figure out what's going on.Sanchez signed a three-year extension with the team on Friday, but he wasn't significantly richer or more secure when he woke up on Monday morning. In 2012, Sanchez will make the same money ($11.75 million) he was set to earn before the extension. The difference is how it pays out: According to NationalFootballPost.com, Sanchez will now receive an $8 million signing bonus and a $3.25 million guaranteed salary, along with an offseason workout bonus of $500,000. The bonus is spread over the five remaining years of the deal, saving $6.4 million against the Jets' cap. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d...content_stream
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    Pretty clever if you ask me. They get extra cap room, which they needed. However, they still maintain the ability to cut Sanchez pretty easily if he continues to stink up the joint. They also placate the immature and whiny Sanchez by making him think they are committing to him for the next 5 years. I see this as similar to the extension Sparano got last year to make him happy after failing to get Harbaugh...

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