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I'm curious. Say there's a HYPOTHETICAL scenario in which Jesus was gay. Same feats, miracles, story, the whole nine yards, except he liked dong; didn't act on it, in the same way straight Jesus supposedly never did either, but dong may or may not have aroused him.

I know I've heard some line that people supposedly quote from the bible that says "A man should not ly with another man" or something to that effect, but lets just say for arguments sake that it's the same bible minus that one line, in this hypothetical scenario.

For how many of you would it matter? Would you renounce your Christianity in this hypothetical scenario?
It wouldn't change anything. Because if you just take out that sentence, then its still not inferred that he was gay. Alot of the Bible is open to interpretation and can be twisted to suit a particular interpretation. So I'd be certain that all the religious institutions wouldn't even entertain questions regarding his sexual preference.

Regardless of whether Jesus was gay, straight, asexual, or whatever, it doesn't really matter because his nature is determined by what the Church wants it to be.