This is my 4th post on this site i visit alot. My first ever post was just a few days ago when BEFORE we traded Brandon Marshall. Someone had a thread titled Trade Marshall? Everyone was there bashing the thread starter and i recall writing that you can bash the thread starter all you want but Brandon Marshall is one beatdown of his wife away from being suspended for along time. How was i to know the incident had already occoured? Well the best way to judge how a mna MAY act in the future is to look at his past. He is a woman beater, I think he is a great player but in my opinion this may be an addition by subtraction type move. Anyways, now that he is gone, I wonder if we can trade way down in the draft with someone. Around the 15 to 25 range. Say we get the 18th pick in the draft and a second and another third to move down that far. Then we take that 18th pick and pry away Mike wallace from the Steelers. Then we got out Greg Jennings!!! No learning curve or anything. Then we could pick a pass rusher with the 18th pick and have 2 second round picks for more reciever help, or safety help. 3 third round pick!!! That would get up straightened out quickly i believe. Is that possible?????