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Thread: "Football People Making Decisions" - What The Dolphins Lack?

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    Icon 26 Politics "Football People Making Decisions" - What The Dolphins Lack?

    According to Chris Mortensen, "Football people making decisions" is what the 49'ers, Broncos, and Titans have that the Dolphins don't.
    And this is why they were atop Manning's list.

    Interestingly, we are still dealing with pieces of failed experiment with a "football person". Why don't we ever hear about the Tuna remnants on ESPN?

    Isn't this the case though? Aren't we still sailing along with Tuna parts running the ship? Why?

    In 2007 Ireland via Parcels started trying to build the 85' Bears. They wanted a run heavy, defensively dominant team built to grind teams in the playoffs. Except, the league was moving the other direction and Parcels ignored the QB friendlier-every-year direction of the league. Once it was obvious that Parcels/Ireland were basically resorting to absorbing Cowboys castoffs, Parcells leaves, comfortable with his career and cushy job on TV, and Ireland is left to finish what someone else started. Ireland obviously didn't have the same choice.

    I don't like Ireland. Admittedly, IMO his comments to Dez Bryant seem not only immature, but smack of racist a$$holism. I mean, if you already know the kids parent has used drugs, been to jail, what the f#ck difference does it make if his she actually turned tricks? Does that change his 40 time? Does it negatively impact his ability to handle hoes off the field?

    This FO is in shambles and the GM is not only trying to salvage a team but his career and it's going to take some time to get the ship turned in a different direction. Ireland obviously changed directions with trading for Marshall and Bush, but it appears he's still struggling against his history and the FO's rep as a bunch of :PrickS
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    Mortensen is a twat. Broncos have Elway for leverage, Titans have the whole comfort factor I guess. Miami has low education and one of the worst economies in the nation. He's too afraid of Bill to make those claims when he was still here.

    The comments to Bryant don't bother me in the least. You really think people don't ask tough questions like this? Instead, Bryand proved his a little taddle-tale in that whole fiasco and that infact his mother is a whore. I should go to the media, because lately jobs are asking me if I smoke cigs, and if I do they will not hire you.

    How is it any different than not wanting a kid who's mother was a whore, father a pimp. I'm sure that would bring in some real good people to the games, especially in Miami.
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