You people down there, you dont show up to games, and when you do, you hold up "suck for luck" signs and chant "we want orton!" at practice.

now in march - during a week day - you are out there with paper bags over your heads protesting?? HAHA!

when people say they dont want to play in Miami do you really think its ALL b/c of IRELAND??

what about the fact the home games feel like away games, the media sucks and is clueless plus jumps on every player and coaches back at the first sign of some some rough times, the idiots that call into to wqam are more clueless than jets fans half the time.

i have friends who are jets fans, pats fans, giants fans, boys fans ETC. and NONE OF THEM, NONE OF THEM have as much negative things to say about our roster/coaches/chances as my fellow dolphins fans.


we are not ONE of the worst franchises - we are now THE WORST. b/c not only is our team not winning - but our fan base is a laughin stock of clowns and fools.