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Thread: Fans/Media just as responsible as Ireland!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry_Bagpipe View Post
    Year after year after year its the same posters though that always defend the current FO, coach and players. They will always remain apologists and will always we wearing the orange an aqua glasses. Ireland could take a dump on the 50 yard line at Sunlife and call it the teams new starting Strong Safety and before they even post, you can list the names of people who will praise it as a good move
    It would be a good move. When it comes to strong safeties, I hear he's the sh--.
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    what people who rip the "apologists" fail to realize is, blind faith and blind hatred are no different from each other. If building a dynasty was so easy, every team would have a dynasty. I'm not quick to tear down Ireland because of what Spielman and past regime's deficiencies were.

    This "6-10? FIRE THEM ALL" mentality will get us nowhere. I understand if we were demolished in practically every game, wasn't competitive with anyone, and had no talent on the roster; then I'd say get this bum outta here, but that's not the case. I personally like the majority of the moves Ireland has made in the time that he has been here, and think this roster is drastically more talented after his arrival, than before; so I'll keep my pitchfork in the closet until the talent level begins to regress.

    I'm not so shortsighted that I'm ready to blow it all up because the GM didn't pay a King's ransom to a QB one step from paralysis, or break the bank for a 7th round backup QB with 2 NFL starts. Am I content with going into the season with Matt Moore and David Garrard? No. But, I'm not in those front office meetings either, so I have no idea what their plans and visions are for the opening day roster, and neither do any of you. I'll withold my judgment until then. If the season begins and they're getting their blocks knocked off and not competitive, I'll be in line with you all ready to burn Ireland at the stake. But I won't do that in March because he didn't sign this year's Kevin Kolb (every year has one).
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