I have watched Russel Wilson every year in college and this guy is incredibly impressive and built to run a west coast offense. His biggest knock against him is he is 5'11, but a WC offense does not need a super tall QB.

His pro day showcase was incredibly effective, and he completed 60-63 passes, blowing away real GMs who draft much better then we do like Green Bay's Ted Thompson.

The fins have a lot of needs and to reach on Tannehill is a mistake. Wilson can come in here and compete day 1 , and can run a WC offense. He is also extremely mobile and creates 1st downs with his legs. Furthermore, if he does not work out, it will not be a major issue since he is currently rated 10th best QB and the fins have an extra 3rd rounder to use on him.

The only 2 QBs I would take first round in this draft are Luck and RG3. After that, it is desperation to reach on a guy like Tannehill when Russel Wilson will be there in later rounds and could easily end up being better. the fins could get lucky and snag Blackmon (10% chance) or Richardson as their first pick instead, and worse case get an elite DE or OL..all better than taking a 2nd round pick QB way too early.

Just my opinion, but I watched Wilson crush people for years at NC state and then go to Wisconsin and do very well with an offense that is not nearly as well suited to him.