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I have watched Russel Wilson every year in college and this guy is incredibly impressive and built to run a west coast offense. His biggest knock against him is he is 5'11, but a WC offense does not need a super tall QB.

His pro day showcase was incredibly effective, and he completed 60-63 passes, blowing away real GMs who draft much better then we do like Green Bay's Ted Thompson.

The fins have a lot of needs and to reach on Tannehill is a mistake. Wilson can come in here and compete day 1 , and can run a WC offense. He is also extremely mobile and creates 1st downs with his legs. Furthermore, if he does not work out, it will not be a major issue since he is currently rated 10th best QB and the fins have an extra 3rd rounder to use on him.

The only 2 QBs I would take first round in this draft are Luck and RG3. After that, it is desperation to reach on a guy like Tannehill when Russel Wilson will be there in later rounds and could easily end up being better. the fins could get lucky and snag Blackmon (10% chance) or Richardson as their first pick instead, and worse case get an elite DE or OL..all better than taking a 2nd round pick QB way too early.

Just my opinion, but I watched Wilson crush people for years at NC state and then go to Wisconsin and do very well with an offense that is not nearly as well suited to him.
THIS ^^^
I really pray that we don't reach for ANYONE in this draft. Get the BPA and go balls to the wall next year for Barkley.