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Wilson played outstanding as a rookie, but the reality is that he was asked to do the least with the most around him in relation to the rest of the rookie QB class. He only attempted 393 passes, which tied Robert Griffin for the least passing attempts among the rookie class of QB's. Seattle ran the football 55% of the time which led the league. This is just a really good football team, and Wilson was a great fit.

If you look at a guy like Weeden for example, who was playing on a terrible Cleveland team, he was literally asked to carry that poor team from day 1. He attempted 35 passes in week 1.... 37 in week 2.... 43 in week 3.... 52 in week 4.... 35 in week 5.... etc. Not to mention, his receivers were terrible. Particularly Greg Little, who's drop percentage was tops in the league. Exactly half his schedule was against playoff teams, including the Super Bowl champion Ravens twice (Ravens twice, Bengals twice, Colts, Broncos, Redskins, and Packers). Weeden's 517 attempts were 2nd only to Andrew Luck in the rookie class.

Speaking of Andrew Luck, he was undoubtably the best rookie quarterback in my opinion. I don't know if any quarterback carried their team more than Luck did.... and that includes Peyton Manning. He attempted 627 passes while throwing to two rookie TE's and two rookie receivers, and led a team to the playoffs that was bad enough to pick him with the #1 overall pick less than a year prior.

Tannehill and Weeden were about the same during their rookie seasons.
Your last statement was pretty true although I like Tannehill more. To me there were 3 qb's that played fairly elite for rookies and Griffin, Luck and Wilson were the guys.
Outside of Weeden I like all 4. To me you are a bad team u dont invest that high a pick on a guy a few years younger than Garrard. As for Wilson, his height is what have most people still on fence and being of color probably gets him more critique than some.