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I realize you and Jim1 pumped Weeden up to the point of nauseum during the months prior to the draft. While I also had a positive evaluation on Weeden, I dinged him more for his flaws, and it was a close call between him and Tannehill as my #2 and #3 quarterbacks just ahead of Griffin. It's still too close to call in my estimation. Neither has had anything to work with.
What's kind of funny about that is now that I read what you wrote above, if I'm understanding your implications correctly, you rated the top 5 quarterbacks in exactly the same order I did...Luck, Weeden, Tannehill (close up on Weeden), Griffin, Wilson (very close to Griffin).

Difference being you striated Weeden and Tannehill in the 2nd round and I'm guessing Griffin and Wilson in the 3rd? I had Luck, Weeden and Tannehill all solid 1st rounders and Griffin & Wilson as high 2nds or low 1sts.

But I'm much more of a sucker for drafting a QB high than you. Especially since the implication that drafting a QB high is even on the table means that your team doesn't have one, in which case you'd better hurry up and start laying down some investments otherwise you're drowning.