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Thread: Really fed up with Dolphins "FANS"

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    WTF Really fed up with Dolphins "FANS"

    This protest is ridiculous. Has every dolphins fan really become so weak that they need to buy into all this media bull****?? Our team is actually trying to do it right this time and this is gow they get repaid? I'll tell you what the protesting will lead to...None other than TIM TEBOW. Now I know all you "geniuses" probably want him, but that's really the point I throw in the towel. The fans protesting are not helping the dolphins in any way, they are just helping prove the media right. I'm going to laugh at all you all when Ireland has this team competing for a chanpionsgip year in and year out. SO SERIOUSLY thus **** needs to stop now and all of us fans need to look forward to this draft and having Ryan Tannehill as our new qb.
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