Why the hell is everyone already pissy and whining about what's going on down in Miami? Quarterbacks don't grow on tree, and this isn't Madden the video game - you don't just grab a quarterback because you just need one. Let's examine the situations:

1) Manning: 36-year-old quarterback by the time the season starts. His arm and health aren't even guaranteed. Got paid $96 million for five years; and we want him why? If we're going to do this for the long-term, why even focus on on this? Had he succeeded, Manning would have been expensive and a stop gap quarterback. Why even cry over spilled milk?

2) Matt Flynn: two games under his belt against two teams with horrible defense; passed for six touchdowns in one of those games. No one else in the league wanted him, not even quarterback-needy Cleveland, and we cry that he signed with Seattle? It's more like the organization's front office didn't sign him.

3) Alex Smith: if you think paying $8 million a year for a marginal quarterback is making a splash, you're dead wrong. Smith neither deserved nor will he perform well enough to earn the $8 million he wants.

4) David Garrard - The team needed a quarterback to push Moore - he was the best option, cheap and has experiences in winning. Not a sexy move, but one that makes sense. Why cry?

The only head-scratcher I've seen is the Marshall trade, but even at that, they were justified. Fact is this guy never performed with what he was being paid and had a lot of baggage, so they cut their losses, traded him and got two thirds for him. Again, what's wrong with this?

Who would have made you happy in this year's free agency? Let's face it, there weren't a lot of big, sexy names out there. Had they signed Williams, you'd whined about them signing defense rather than offensive players; had they signed Manning, you would have whined that they wasted too much money.

The point is you guys are never happy with anything that goes on with this team. Is this team better than it was during the beginning of the off season? No. But you can't expect change in two or three weeks. It seems that at times you just want the excitement of signing big name players or the satisfaction of laying the smack down on Jeff Ireland that your thinking becomes myopic. Grow up.