Why do we complain?? simple, we haven't won a damn thing since the 70's. Yeah yeah yeah, we won a division title here and there, but seriously, we haven't won a superbowl since the before I was born, and I'm 36! We haven't even been to a superbowl in what, 27 years or so? In that time even the Bucs won a Superbowl! Take away the Wildcat year, we haven't been relevant in over a decade.

That is why I complain.

I do hope that Ireland turns it around. I like the what he is doing. He is thinking long term. Build through the draft. Don't bring in over the hill QBs who will set your cap back for years, don't trade 4 first round picks for a QB who MIGHT be good. Be patient, build the core through the draft. Then you pick up a free agent here and there to plug up a few holes nothing more.