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Thread: Three Things on Tim Tebow to the New York Jets

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    Quote Originally Posted by CirclingWagons View Post
    tbh I never considered the Bills a playoff team last year, even when they were 5-2. I don't consider them one this year either (although their schedule should be kinder). I just want to to see the new D-Line play
    all trash talk aside. I think you guys can be a playoff team, I wouldn't be shocked.
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    I still don't see it. Losing Bell hurts our chances--not because he was anything great--but because we now have to draft Reiff with the 10th pick when we could've gotten an impact offensive player like Floyd. I would still love for them to go WR first, but whatevs. Almost all Bill fans want an OT or a CB with high picks. Our CB's are bad, but my dream first 3 rounds would be:

    1. Michael Floyd
    2. Dwayne Allen
    3. Sean Spence

    I know people will disagree with that vehemently, but I honestly think getting those 3 guys would give us scary potential.
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