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WEAKItrade equals fraudeulant. Your talking to a Dolphins 95-present certified jersey expert, just ask around. I can authenticate any jersey from 95-present, mostly dealing in game worn Jerseys, and pants. Expanding to helmets as well.

And its obvious the certificate is for the autograph, not the actual jersey. You would have to be dumb to get an "Authentic jersey" and I quote as in it being fake, authenticated for it would fail inspections faster then Culpepper to our training staff.

Not to be mean, I'd hate to make statements of someone elses property, its not always fun telling a person who may have gotten ripped off that there merchandise is fake. I'm sure the autograph is real, but it being on a fake jersey makes the autograph worth pretty much nothing. Now if he would have spend 250$ and bought a legit 100% authentic Devon Bess jersey, and had that autographed it would be worth close to 400$. A gamer of his is roughly 1000-1500$, an autograph on a gamer would up the value depending on how good of a player he turns out to be to maybe 2-3000$ upon retirment.
NO WAY!?!?