I've been over at the Jet's Scout.com site, the greenandwhite.com site.

And I've been explaining in detail how Tebow had a better season then Sanchez did.


I guess we are all massive homers but considering that Sanchez has never did better then being rated the 23rd QB in the NFL, you wonder why they think he is so great.

Do some stat research I found not only where Tebow had a better season last year then Sanchez did, but in 2009 and 2010 that Chad Henne had better seasons then Sanchez did.

When I was really breaking down the stats, I could not help but notice that Matt Moore outplayed Sanchez in every aspect of the game.

So maybe we are not in as bad shape as we thought.......

If you're down and confused
And you don't remember why
These are the players we are talking to
Concentration slips away
Cos your franchise QB is so far away

And give Ireland a fisted glove
And the seahawk craps from above
And if you can't have the QB
You love Dolphin Fans
Love the one you have

Don't be angry don't be sad
Don't sit crying over good
QBs you had
There's a player, right next to you
And he's just waiting for something
To do


Calm down and do what you can
He's a QB and you're a fan
So get it together make it nice
And you won't need any more advice


When Ireland is with another team
drafting a good QB will pick up steam
take him early like we should
and our chances will then be good