VY's final 2 years in TN, they were 12-6 when he started, 2-12 when he did not. In 2009, his QBR rating was the 6th-highest in the league. In 2010, his QB rating was 98.6, and he was top 5 all year until he was ousted by Fisher. You cannot say he did nothing to earn his record. Why were they so awful when he didn't start?

The suicide story was debunked. It was given to the media by FISHER.

VY was the leader of the Titans, but he threatened Fisher, who is an egomaniacal ass. VY has a history of being a leader and a winner. Do not be fooled by the good ol' boy propoganda.

Tannehill has accomplished NOTHING.

And even for his time in Philly, VY gets a bad rap. He beat the Super Bowl champion Giants and had a very good game, throwing for 400 yards, against the AFC champion Patriots. His one bad game was against Seattle, but even in that game his receiver, Riley Cooper, caused a 14-point swing by tipping a perfectly-thrown ball inside the 20 to the defender for an INT the other way.

VY is a proven commodity who had an egomaniacal loser of a coach.