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Just watched more videos highlights on tannehill and the only thing i have to say is, chad henne all over again. He has all the traits chad henne had, terrible decision maker, afraid to get rid of the ball, bad accuracy, looks like a running back out there more than a qb. When he does get rid of the ball often makes a inaaccuarate throw when under pressure or throws a interception. LSU picked him off 3 times on short passes and 1 was a long pass. Dolphins fans and myself better hope to god the vikings take this guy or that the dolphins trade down and he doesnt make it to us, or better yet hopefully ireland is not this dum gm we thought he was and he doesnt reach on this pick. In my opinion matt moore is miles better than this qb from a and m.

Not saying he cant get better with better coaching, but for a 1st round pick do we want to take a gamble on another qb that reminds you of chad henne? your suppose to feel good with who u draft in round 1, i dont feel good with this pick at all and hopefully ireland is smarter than i think come draft day. We are not in desperate need for a qb like some say, matt moore proved he is way better than henne and can win, we also have a veteran david garrard who can hold it down pretty damn good if moore goes down.

I really hope and pray we stay away from this pick, it will be 2 years before we even see the kid play, i think its a great pick up at #2 but waisting a #8 overall pick when we can target potential HOF's type caliber players like claiborne/richardson/blackmon on another possible chad henne type player just makes life worse for a dolphin fan.

The thing that scares me the most is that people are actually talking about trading up for this qb now, thats the scariest part. Maybe i can live with trading down in the 1st to the cowboys to #16 or so and gettin an extra 2nd round pick than taking tannehill there. That i think we can all live with but trading down to get a 2nd round prospect?? frustrating...
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That's a bunch of poppycokk. Henne and Tannehill are nothing alike

Tannehill night and day has far better pocket feel and awareness than Henne ever had. Henne has no clue how to recognize or feel a rush

Tannehill night and day is far better with "touch" passes. Tanny is also a far better passer while on the run. And Tanny is far better with his legs overall than the statue known as Chad Henne

There's more, but that's just to name a few very OBVIOUS differences that only a blind person can miss
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defend it all u want but gametape dont lie as darrelle revis once said. He has the same terrible traits henne possessed.